Intranet portal

Intranets are like the Internet but access to the facilities is restricted to one company or organization. It provides your employees with a wide range of internal information including HR documents, company reports, memos, research papers, company news, client information, etc. Data is exchanged within your company only, protected from the outside world.

We provide solutions on range of platforms like Share-point and open-source intranet portals. The portals can be customized to fit into the process and business needs of the organization

Key Features:

  • Create Business¬† Processes
  • Document management
  • Knowledge sharing and mangement
  • HR and departmental forms
  • Internal forums and collaboration
  • News and messages
  • Business reports (such as stock status, news on events, rumor control,industry and government reports)
  • Points of interest (such as industry-related comic, quote of the day, local weather/news/travel information)